Opracowanie planów adaptacji do zmian klimatu w miastach powyżej 100 tys. mieszkańców

44 polskie miasta we współpracy z Ministerstwem Środowiska biorą udział w projekcie, którego celem jest przystosowanie miast do obserwowanych i prognozowanych zmian klimatu.

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54th ISOCARP Congress: Cool Planning: Changing Climate and Our Urban Future

Szczegóły wydarzenia

  • Date:

1-5 October, 2018

Bodø, Norway

On this warming planet, with its population more than 50% urban, we urgently need cooler cities and towns. And good urban planning can help deliver them. The aim of ISOCARP’s 54th Annual Congress is no small feat: the Society is calling on the best and brightest of the planning profession to come to Bodø, Norway and tell us how to save civilisation. Nothing less. We believe the future of civilisation now more than ever depends on the way we plan and manage our cities and towns. Their role in the evolving planetary climate drama is three-fold – cities and towns are the villains; the victims, and the potential saviours. Villains – because urban areas are the principal consumers and polluters of the tiny habitable layer on our planet we call the ‘biosphere’. Victims – because more than half of humanity lives in urban areas, and almost all of them are exposed to some form of climate impact. Saviours – because the possible remedies and solutions can be applied efficiently, effectively and in time, only when populations are concentrated. So the root cause of, and the solution to, the global climate crisis are fundamentally urban. There is no alternative. On a warming planet, cooler cities are the only option.

Dushko Bogunovich, General Rapporteur

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