Development of Urban Adaptation Plans for cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants in Poland

44 Polish cities, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, participate in the project aimed at adapting them to the observed and prognosed climate changes.

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Stages and Schedule

The process of preparing the Urban Adaptation Plan (MPA) is expected to last about 20 months for each and every of 44 cities. A uniform but flexible methodology for all cities will ensure structural consistency of all 44 MPA projects and will include individual properties of particular cities.

Expert participation will contribute to high document quality. Close cooperation of experts with the urban teams will promote efficient information flow and joint development of MPA projects to make them fully approved by the local community and implemented by it.
The participation of stakeholders and city dwellers in MPA development will facilitate implementation of activities stipulated in MPA in the future (approval of the suggested options to adapt to climate changes). At every project stage, the documents will be consulted with the appropriate urban team and stakeholders.

The works on MPA were divided into 6 stages:

Project schedule


Process start

team creation,
assumption development,
stakeholder identification


Susceptibility assessment

data collection,
determination of region


Risk analysis

definition of prospective
opportunities and hazards,
attaching significance to hazards


Adaptation option development

indication of detailed
objectives and priority areas
for MPA


Option evaluation and selection

analysis of adaptation options,
evaluation methods and
adaptation option evaluation


Document preparation

development of the final MPA
version, strategic environmental
impact assessment (SOOŚ)


Current activities