Development of Urban Adaptation Plans for cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants in Poland

44 Polish cities, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, participate in the project aimed at adapting them to the observed and prognosed climate changes.

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Adaptation Manual

To help local authority representatives and entrepreneurs to take optimum decisions, considering the effects of progressing climate changes, a document called “Adaptation Manual for Cities” was developed in the Ministry of the Environment. The document contains guidelines for preparing Urban Adaptation Plans (hereinafter MPA) to adapt to climate changes in line with local conditions and needs.

The Manual describes particular stages of MPA preparation, from the process start to the development of the monitoring system and evaluation of the suggested solutions’ efficiency. It contains also many tips and descriptions concerning investments both in Poland and abroad, to adapt the infrastructure to climate changes. They are to inspire the search for the most appropriate measures to reduce adverse impact of climate changes.


Document text:Pdf - Adaptation Manual